Little Lucky Lunchbox | Basic Fun!

Little Lucky Lunchbox | Basic Fun!

It’s Lunchtime Funtime and Food, Fun, & Surprise are always on the menu with these cute culinary collectibles!

Pop 'em open to reveal which Foodie Friend is inside. So many to collect! Then, look for a surprise inside your meal. With Little Lucky Lunchbox, the fun never ends!

which foodie friends will you get inside?

Coming to Walmart January 2020! You’ll go on an international culinary journey with the second series of foodie surprises! Each Little Lucky Lunchbox contains two Foodie Friends that each hold a secret inside that makes them so adorably delicious. A Little Foodie Friend or Sticker are the secret ingredients that bring these Little Lucky Lunchboxes to life. Mix, Match, and Trade your Foodie Friends to create the cutest little menu around.

Little Lucky Lunchbox - Series 2 - International Foods | Basic Fun!

Chicken Sandwich & Friends
Corn Dog & Friends
Dumpling & Friends

Lasagna & Friends
Pasta & Friends
Pot Sticker & Friends

Salad & Friends
Sushi Roll & Friends
Taco & Friends

Chocolate Pancake & Friends

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which foodie friends will you get inside?

Build your collection. Then trade 'em with your friends. Mix and match, collect, trade and share. Then pack 'em up and take 'em everywhere.

Burger & Friends
Burrito & Friends
Club Sandwich & Friends

Hot Dog & Friends
Mac & Cheese and Friends
Pancake & Friends

Peanut Butter & Jelly and Friends
Pig in the Blanket & Friends
Pizza & Friends

Sushi & Friends

where to buy

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