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New company name, ‘Basic Fun!’ • Oct 2, 2017

New company name, ‘Basic Fun!’

Boca Raton, FL – October 2, 2017 – Well known toy companies, The Bridge Direct and Tech 4 Kids, who recently merged operations, announced today that they will move forward together as Basic Fun! A division of The Bridge since it was purchased with Good Stuff Corporation in 2013, Basic Fun has a 25-year history of developing and marketing novelty and retro toys and has seen a resurgence since its acquisition. Emerging as “the new” Basic Fun!, founders Jay Foreman and Brad Pedersen plan to chart a course to become a top ten company within the toy industry.

Brad Pedersen, who will serve as President of the new Basic Fun! said, “We immediately initiated a search for a new brand identity for the company, and we came up with many creative options. In the end, however, we realized we already owned a great brand name in Basic Fun! - which really says it all!”

“It is essential to have the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing retail landscape in order to remain competitive, relevant and successful,” states Jay Foreman, who will serve as the company’s CEO. “Scale is key to growth and sustainability, and we aim to build our business diligently and methodically with the goal of becoming a top ten global player within five years. We are excited about our current product portfolio; from our novelty collectables, great retro toys and handheld electronic games, to our growing construction segment and our new Uncle Milton STEM activity toys. These lines and the new products we will be showing at the Fall Preview Show in Dallas serve as a solid foundation and represent the beginning of the many more exciting things to come from Basic Fun!.”

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