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The Craze for Collectibles • Dec 1, 2017

The Craze for Collectibles • Dec 1, 2017 | Basic Fun!

Every generation had a collectible toy they went crazy over. For some of us, it may have been Marbles. For others, Pokémon cards. These toys took over the playground, as kids showed off their rare finds and traded amongst each other to fill up their collections. Bedroom shelves became proud displays of your collections. Collecting even became a game in itself! The fun of trading and assembling the whole collection made the product experience so much more exciting and dynamic. And nothing felt better than completing your collection, as you gathered the most generic toys in the collection to the rarest. The thrill of the chase, and the sense of accomplishment when you completed your collection, was all part of the game.

Many of today's toys and games are tech-centric, but collectable toys and traditional play patterns still continue to fascinate. Basic Fun! and its array of collectible toys, allows you to experience the adventure and excitement of building a collection from the ground-up. Toys such as Mash’Ems and Fash’Ems, have collectible sets of your favorite characters from a range of hot licenses like Marvel and Paw Patrol. Mash’Ems will have you wanting to collect them all! And the fun doesn’t stop there. Basic Fun has other awesome collectible toy lines coming out in the new year such as Poopeez and CakePop Cuties.

Cake Pop Cuties is a collision of popular trends - including cake pops, blind reveal toys, and slow-rise foam! You can collect all the lovable characters, which will be available globally at retail in January 2018. The first series of slow-rise characters will be sold in blind capsules resembling cake pops, as well as multipacks.

Potty humor has moved into the mainstream and Poopeez goes all in on this new trend. Creating a whole world around poop, Poopeez has a cast of unique characters that every kid who cracks up at fart jokes, will want to collect. The toy line of collectable characters will be available globally at retail starting in January 2018, and will be sold in blind capsules resembling rolls of toilet paper. Additional items will include a unique toilet launcher and a porta potty-themed collectible case.

No one said collecting was easy, but it sure is fun. Chase the thrill of the catch by collecting some of Basic Fun’s most beloved toys.

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