Uncurl the Cuteness!

Bibi Bunny

Bibi The Bunny

Higgle Hedgehog

Higgle The Hedgehog

Blue Badger

Blue The Badger

Get Ready For These Cuddly Critters!

There are three lovable Curlimals friends to take home, including Blue the Badger, Bibi the Bunny, and Higgle the Hedgehog. Each Curlimal plush is made with soft, huggable material and can’t wait to be your new pal!

Each Curlimal is a lovable animal that makes the sweetest sounds and reacts to you. Pat their heads and these cute, talking buddies giggle, curl up and make funny noises. With over 50 sounds and reactions, there’s no end to the fun!

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Curlimals toy and little girl holding a Curlimals. Showing the sounds and saying of the Curlimal.