Let’s go play - with Tonka!

For over 70 years, Tonka has been the world’s favorite toy truck! And today, Tonka is still rolling into the imaginations of kids all over the world. From one generation to the next, Tonka is a rite of passage that carries meaning and creates memories.

Tonka inspires kids to create stories, get moving and stay active, while igniting imaginations to run away from screens and into new adventures!

Tonka Steel Classics Brain Power Games

Tonka inspires kids to put down their screens and get back to real play!

Our #TonkaTough motto isn’t just about physical strength, but brain power as well! For each of the games, you will need a Tonka truck and a couple of household items. Share a video showing which games your kids choose to play, which skills they are working on, and how fun it is! 

Together, We Tonka!

Fuel your child’s imagination with the Tonka Chuck My Talking Truck! This interactive and engaging toy truck is ready to become your little one’s favorite playmate.

Built to be both sturdy and friendly, Chuck features the classic Tonka toughness with a delightful personality. Made from high-quality, durable plastic, he is designed to withstand even the most imaginative play sessions.

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