Create Beautiful Pictures… with Light!

It’s just like you remember, but better than ever! Lite-Brite lets you create art with light using fun design templates and bright, colorful pegs – then lights it up like a neon sign! Assemble beautiful art, make a room sign, or just freestyle your own designs with new, round pegs that shine brighter than ever. From the Lite-Brite Mini-X Connect for on-the-go fun, to the new MEGA-SIZED Lite-Brite Wall Art that looks perfect on the living room wall – how will you Lite-Brite your life?

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Experience light and art like never before with the all-new Lite-Brite Touch!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite Lite-Brite toy is introducing a whole new way to play with light – this time, without the pegs! Press the buttons on the light board and watch as they light up. Keep pressing to change their colors as you create new pictures!


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