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The Littlest Pet Shop Roblox experience introduces a host of interactive features, allowing players to care for, customize, and embark on adventures with their favorite bobblin’ pets. We set out to create a virtual world that would not only capture the essence of the beloved LITTLEST PET SHOP brand, but also provide players with a truly immersive and enchanting experience.

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Ambassadorship applications have closed at this time. Please note that we have not yet made any selections for the Littlest Pet Shop® Ambassador program. Results will be announced early 2024!
Ready to catch some waves with #9? #Gnarly 🌊☀️
It’s time to get out of your hideaway! Are you ready for some fun?
Grab your Chilliest❄️ scarf and join #8 Bunny on the slopes!
We’ve got some talented pets coming your way!
Fun Fact: Panda #1 is one of the only pets in LPS G7 Series 1 that has its personality mark on its eyes! 💕 Look how precious!
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