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Let’s TACO ‘bout Babitos!
Get ready to unwrap Cutetitos Babitos™, new surprise-packed Furry Baby Friends. Each of the 12 different Babitos characters come with an adorable gender reveal diaper – will it be a girl or a boy?!
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MLP Comic Con Exclusive Reveal
Basic Fun! is bringing you a limited-edition Comic-Con Exclusive My Little Pony Classic at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.You can ONLY get your hands on this majestic pony at Comic-Con 2019!
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Pound Puppies #NationalMuttDay Campaign
Pound Puppies is teaming up with Adopt a Pet for #NationalPetDay! Check out our Instagram @BasicFunToys on July 31st to catch all the Pound Puppies unboxing action live!
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