My Little Pony Celebrates the Magic of Friendship with a 40th-Anniversary Collection

The Toy Insider recently published an article featuring the new My Little Pony 40th Anniversary collection by Basic Fun!

My Little Pony is celebrating the magic of friendship for its 40th anniversary. Basic Fun!’s new collection goes retro by bringing back the brand’s classic 1980s style. 

To celebrate four decades of magic, fun, and adventure, Basic Fun! is introducing new plush toys and figures for all MLP fans. Kids will have the chance to own their very own pony, pegasus, or unicorn. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the collection features three new plush toys and six figures that show off the classic look.

BasicFun MyLittlePonyPlush jpg
Moondancer, Firefly, and Glory | Source: Basic Fun!

Glory, Moondancer, and Firefly make an appearance in the new plush collection. Kids can style their pony’s hair with the commemorative 40th-anniversary comb. The plush characters also feature unique MLP cutie marks and a 40th-anniversary patch on their hooves. 

BasicFun MyLittlePonyFigures jpg
Kids can collect 6 classic pony figures. | Source: Basic Fun!

The six pony figures are perfect for playing and displaying. Fans will have the chance to collect 4-inch, limited-edition versions of Blue Belle, Cotton Candy, Blossom, Minty, Snuzzle, and Butterscotch. The collection also includes two rare figures for collectors to find.”

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40 years ago, My Little Pony trotted into the hearts of children worldwide with its unique blend of magic, fun, and friendship. Now, on its 40th anniversary, the brand is revisiting its roots with an all-new, retro-inspired collection of plush toys and figures.

Basic Fun! has skillfully recreated the brand’s classic ’80s aesthetic in a new lineup, poised to captivate both long-time fans and new enthusiasts. The 40th-anniversary collection includes three new plush toys and six figures, all designed to emulate the original My Little Pony style that many have come to adore.

With this collection, children will have the opportunity to own a pony, pegasus, or unicorn of their own. Each toy, recommended for kids ages four and up, captures the enchantment of the original series while celebrating four decades of enduring appeal.

For forty years, My Little Pony has been a staple of imaginative play and a beloved symbol of friendship. As the brand gallops into its fifth decade, the 40th-anniversary collection offers a fitting tribute: a return to classic, timeless appeal infused with a generous dose of nostalgia. With the launch of this new collection, the magic of My Little Pony’s friendship is set to enchant a whole new generation.

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